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Watching TV and Fasting during Ramadan don’t go together!

Ramadan is a time for cleansing our bodies and souls. Not only do our bodies get a detox, but also our souls. In fact, cleansing our bodies comes secondary to cleansing our souls. In life we form all sorts of … Continue reading

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How to quench your thirst during Ramadan

In the Arab world, people are accustomed to displaying a host of drinks on their Iftar table: Irk Sous, Tamer Hind, and Qamrideen. As a child I was never really fond of those drinks, they were too sweet for my … Continue reading

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Tips to avoid Ramadan fasting blues

Last evening I was with my in-laws and we got into a heated discussion about dodging Ramadan blues, seeing how hot and summery this Ramadan is. My husband and I started fasting yesterday (Tuesday), following the Naqshbandi calender; here are … Continue reading

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