What will Claudia Rosett wear when Syria sues her for slandering its First Lady?

Claudia Rosett is is journalist-in-residence at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

Describing her as a journalist is a bit inaccurate. She is a spin-doctor and propagandist. A pro-Israel propagandist.

She recently wrote an article sensationally dubbed, “What Should Asma al-Assad Wear to the Syrian Revolution?”

She didn’t really wonder in her other articles about what Israeli First Ladies should wear to Palestinian funerals.

Her job is to affirm certain approaches that support the continuous above-international-law Jewish state, through aggressive writing, blackmail, and a play on inferiority-superiority, victim-victimizer scenarios.

I decided to get a glimpse about the journalist behind the offensive article, which plays with readers feelings, attracting them into the mind-zone of Rosett’s, who by the way openly hates Arabs and Muslims alike (she says that young Muslims like to assualt Jews everywhere in the world – check out her articles).

The journalist, Rosett. did not even meet with Ms. Asma Al-Assad, has no idea about what she is like, and obviously is out there to get her. She just a read a Vogue magazine article that led her into an all-out assault, that she should be sued for.

Why target the image of the First Lady?

Because Ms. Assad succeeded in building a “nice” and positive image of her self in the West, and therefore improved a lot in Syria’s image… and for people like Rosett, this minuscule Syrian triumph on PR turf should be destroyed.

By all means, Syria, for Rosett, should remain with the image of being a dangerous terrorist-incubating country, which she repeats throughout a number of her articles.

Ms. Asma helped diversify Syria’s image, which eased the old stereotypes that tarnished the image of Syria. This is not good news in Rosett’s book.

Vogue, oh, Vogue!

Rosett’s inspiration for destabilizing Ms. Asma’s image comes from naive Facbook and YouTube videos by what apparently looks like young Syrians (and since I am a firm believer in conspiracy theory, the videos might be the making of Rosett’s camp). The slides zoom in on Ms. Asma’s designer bags, then zooms out into a photo of a kid working at a car repair shop. The idea is obvious: they are hungry, you are wearing luxurious clothes…

Vogue on the other hand used all kinds of “glamorous” terms to portray Ms. Asma as a fashionista, which is their problem nor hers.

Who is Rosett?

Skimming through a 2009 article Rosett had written, “The New Anti-Semitism“, and another one dubbed, “When in doubt, Slam Israel,” one can instantly draw a profile about the lady: She is pro-Israel, anti-Muslims, and anti-Arab. (see quote at the bottom of the article).. and I am not making this up, propaganda style… read the two articles and both descriptions will glare at you.

  • Clearly, Rosett is a propagandist, who attempted in the aforementioned article, “The New Anti-Semitism”, to convince readers that the White House was being racist against a small group of people, i.e Jews, who are:

a minority that even in the relatively enlightened 21st century is increasingly subject both worldwide, and to a disturbing extent even inside the U.S., to double standards, slurs, threats, arson, bombings, stabbings and other attacks on their persons, shops, homes and places of worship.

I thought the Jewish lobby controlled pretty much a lot of economy and politics in the U.S. How come this lady during the relatively enlightened 21 century is trying to sell us this soundbite?

  • She fills the article with great compassion and support for the Jews, by saying:

“It is not unusual in some parts of the world to hear them [Jews] described, not least by official media outlets, as apes and pigs.”

  • She plays on the over-abused “Holocaust” string, and claims that:

“there are proliferating signs that in too many places, and too many ways, the world is tacitly coming to accept not only persecution of the Jews, but the possibility of a second genocide.”


Propaganda, the old-fashioned way. Rosett obviously missed her classes on new PR methods and subtler propaganda cues. Maybe she has an audience out there that still needs to be fed assumptions of the type.

This same woman, as mentioned before, works for Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

This is a think-tank that helps shape policies in the US, with the power to impact on the Middle East. Frightening!

We should be very worried to see one of its journalists, i.e. Rosett, writing, or to be more accurate, aiming her propaganda guns at Syria’s First Lady, while conveniently forgetting to mention in her many articles that Jewish Israelis kill Palestinians left-right-and-center.

The devil’s advocate?

Here are some quotes from Rosett’s article about The New Anti-Semitism article:

“… they [Jews] account for no more than about 0.2% of humanity.

That’s also miniscule compared with a worldwide Muslim population very roughly estimated at some 1.5 billion. And Israel, for all its U.S. support, walks a lonely and beleaguered path compared to the 57-member strong Saudi-headquartered Organization of the Islamic Conference–one of the core lobbying blocs in the UN General Assembly.

Many Muslims may well desire simply to live in peace. Unfortunately, some of the most vocal, politically active and militarily aggressive among them–ruling Iran and Gaza, and harbored in places such as Syria and Lebanon–are explicitly dedicated to destroying Israel.

Through Internet and television propaganda, through pronouncements from the UN stage, through everything from subsidies to anti-Semitic lobbying associations to money and arms for terrorist groups, they [Muslims] spend considerable resources fueling movements to boycott, denigrate and attack Jews.”

A writer like Rosett has no business playing with the internal affairs of Syria, nor  comment on the Syrian First Lady’s fashion – when she is obviously & aggressively an anti Muslim, anti-Arab propagandist.

About 50% Syrian

What is identity? I was raised Arab (of varying origins), with a Syrian mother, and Moroccan, Lebanese and Tunisian great grandfathers and grandmothers. I always felt 50% Syrian, and this percentage mattered to me more than anything else. Love of my life, my late Sufi grandmother, is Syrian... all her bedtime stories were about her life in Damascus. Damascus is where the heart dwells.
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