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Slowly going Bear: Changing into a Winter lifestyle

We’re not there yet, but for many people Winter has arrived. The type of drinks/dishes one starts making is evidence enough one has already changed gears into the Winter mode. More Cinnamon, a dash of Ginger, more oven, less brightness, … Continue reading

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Perspectives on “Love” from an inner point of view

When you love someone you believe them, blindly. “Love is blind,” many would describe a lover who does not see the faults of his/her lover. Love is the function of the heart. There are two hearts, the muscle that pumps … Continue reading

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To leave an impression on others is bad for our spiritual health

Why do we live our lives “to leave an impression”? We are all prisoners of – our own perceptions of – what impressions others have about us. Being really free from caring/hallucinating about what other people think, is liberating. It … Continue reading

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Grilled Syrian kibbeh work great as greed detectors

The man in this story is 100% Syrian. The green creature (Green Man) in the image above stands for him (the pink bucket will make an entrance later on in the story). He is in his 60s. I’ve known him … Continue reading

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