Bye-bye summer

This morning, fall arrived. It drizzled a little bit in Damascus, and the earth let out its aromatic and strong scents, of soil mixed with a dash of mist.

The clouds enveloped the sky, sending back a different muffled echo for daily sounds… sounds that now can make you doze off easily off the chair: ZzzzZzzZZZZzzZZZzzzZZz


About 50% Syrian

What is identity? I was raised Arab (of varying origins), with a Syrian mother, and Moroccan, Lebanese and Tunisian great grandfathers and grandmothers. I always felt 50% Syrian, and this percentage mattered to me more than anything else. Love of my life, my late Sufi grandmother, is Syrian... all her bedtime stories were about her life in Damascus. Damascus is where the heart dwells.
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2 Responses to Bye-bye summer

  1. Mariyah says:

    Oh. I missed the first rain. I love that mixed scent. Thank you for the reminder. I must come home soon.

    Your blog is beautiful. Thank you for linking to mine.
    All the best.

  2. 50% Syrian says:

    Thank you Mariyah, and you’re most welcome… lovely to read your words here and on your blog,
    God bless

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