I was reading through Reuters.com when a link to Allah.org caught me by the Heart.

Nothing else can be called Allah… only You!


No One Here but Him

Watching my hand; He is moving it.
Hearing my voice; He is speaking…
Walking from room to room —
No one here but Him.

| Jelaluddin Rumi

About 50% Syrian

What is identity? I was raised Arab (of varying origins), with a Syrian mother, and Moroccan, Lebanese and Tunisian great grandfathers and grandmothers. I always felt 50% Syrian, and this percentage mattered to me more than anything else. Love of my life, my late Sufi grandmother, is Syrian... all her bedtime stories were about her life in Damascus. Damascus is where the heart dwells.
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2 Responses to www.allah.org

  1. Michela Cerruti says:

    Dear 50% Syrian,
    Thank you for posting so many interesting posts. I am really intrigued by the spirituality your are expressing in your blog. Being an italian social researcher I would like to pose u some questions about sufism and Syria as well as specific ones on your way of blogging (topics you choose, pictures you add, links).
    Please feel free to answer me on my email since I am still creating my own weblog.
    Thanks in advance

  2. 50% Syrian says:

    Dear Michela:
    Thank you for our nice comment. and interest in this weblog. I will be in touch soon, inshAllah

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