Jesus descending Damascus at Umayad Eastern Minaret

Naqshbandi Tariqa

Damascus, Sufi heart of the world, is where Prophet Jesus (Isa) Allayhi al-Salam, will appear towards the end of time, according to Sufi literature.

Ibn Arabi, the famous Sufi Sheikh whose tomb is located at the foot of Jebal Qasyoon, makes numerous references to this narrative in his book The Meccan Revelations (Al-Futoohat al-Makkiyya).

The belief that Prophet Isa is going to appear in Damascus during the reign of Sayyidna al-Mahdi Alayhi al-Salam, is based on many Ahadeeth (narratives) by Prophet Mohammad Salla Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam.

The end of time according to Sufis – and some Christian sects – is just around the corner. There are “signs” that are observed that are believed to announce the beginning of the end: such as great turbulence in the world, injustice, lack of ethics on a wide universal scale, materialism, bloodshed, etc.

Heart is the place of Light (Noor). It is the knower. That’s why Ibn Arabi says, “Ask your Heart,” because Heart can tell Truth from Illusion. The clash happens when “mind” gets in the way and disturbs the knowledge of the heart.

When it comes to belief, one’s heart needs to be purified from the clouds of mind

Materialism in this age and time makes it difficult for people to believe without physical evidence. That’s why believers are usually those who think outside the box. They don’t follow mentally-accepted parameters to decide on whether something is real for them or not. They follow the difficult, uncharted route of Heart… where there are no land posts, no signage, no maps.

Hats off to the believers who suffer on the path to Allah… those who cry their nights looking for a sign to calm their hearts’ fiery desire for Truth, who wait for Yaqeen (knowingness) to knock on their door and lend them peace… for they walk the untrodden paths, learn the untold knowledge, and stick to what Prophet Mohammad described –  in a Hadeeth that roughly translates into:

“The holder of religion at the end of times, is like the grabber of hot coal.”

May our vision be of Truth, may our Heart see with the light of the Prophet, and may we rest in peace in Divine Knowingness.

About 50% Syrian

What is identity? I was raised Arab (of varying origins), with a Syrian mother, and Moroccan, Lebanese and Tunisian great grandfathers and grandmothers. I always felt 50% Syrian, and this percentage mattered to me more than anything else. Love of my life, my late Sufi grandmother, is Syrian... all her bedtime stories were about her life in Damascus. Damascus is where the heart dwells.
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4 Responses to Jesus descending Damascus at Umayad Eastern Minaret

  1. 3abirsabeel says:

    First of all…Nice post and lovely blog 🙂

    But are you trying to suggest that we are getting closer to the end of time? I think you should consider that people have been suggesting that for centuries….every age bemoans the corruption of their time and interpret it as a sign of the end of time but ultimately only HE knows.

    Thanks for your lovely writing though and please please post more regularly…yu always have me spell bound!

  2. 50% Syrian says:

    Hello 3abirsabeel… thanks for the lovely words.
    In deed, many cultures at different intervals of time believed they were at the juncture of the end of time. According to Ibn Arabi, though, references are made to this period of creation – quoting many sayings by Prophet Mohammad s.a.s.

    Many references are made in his books (The Meccan Revelations, as well as “Letters of Ibn Arabi” (Rasa2el Ibn Arabi)) to Prophet Jesus’ descend as well as the appearance of Sayyidna al-Mahdi.

    Sufis, Shia’ and gnostic Christians, believe this is THE time. A Christian sect that is currently active in the Middle East has been distributing pamphlets about how we are living through the Devil-led phase that the Bible has made reference to in olden times – they call it the “666” phase; one of the “signs” is the “chip” – no other than the accelerating wheel of technology. They too are anticipating the appearance of Prophet Jesus.

    Sufis, on the other hand, since the last century, believe we are entering the “final phase.” The Shazily Tariqa, for instance, makes many references in rarely-published books about this century as the century where all Sufi Tariqas (paths) will cease. Sheikh Ali Nooreddine al-Yashruti al-Shazily, is quoted by his daughter Fatima in several of her books as saying, after his death (which took place almost 100 years ago) there will come the time of al-Mahdi and Jesus.

    Who knows, maybe another 100 years will pass, or maybe 10 years will pass, or a day… maybe we are the generation that will witness these incidents. Only He knows.

  3. 3abirsabeel says:

    Most interesting…you dont happen to know the name of this Christian sect? I’d be interested to read more into this.

    Thanks so much for all this information also…it was really interesting and informative 🙂

  4. 50% Syrian says:

    They boarder on being Mormon and there is no written literature about them. They are a bit underground and work with people through charity, art and culture. They have home-made pamphlets that they give out to people they believe can be converted into “believers.” They teach you the basics of goodness, forgiveness, and love, and work with people through friendship… many mistake them for being a “missionary” if they get close enough to realize what they are doing, but they are much more authentic than that. Personal experience got me to know them, and they have a facade int’l institution that they work within, but it would be great betrayal to name it after disclosing this kind of information. This also means: never judge a book by its cover 🙂

    You’re most welcome 🙂

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